Rising Damp is a well-known problem in some modern and most older buildings. The Moisture rises up the wall by capillary like action depositing salts and damaging the wall finishes and causing mould.

Dampness at the base of a wall may be due to other reasons such as deep penetrating damp and condensation. More often than not the cause is due to bridging of an existing damp proof course by high ground levels.

Moisture detection meters are commonly used to diagnose rising damp, but these often give mis-leading readings with certain paints and wall finishes, they fail to differentiate condensation and hygroscopic salts.

If high readings are given with a moisture meter then further investigation should be carried out by a skill damp proofing specialist. Mortar sampling is the only accurate way of quantifying the absolute moisture content and hygroscopic salt levels in masonry brick.

RB Damp carries out an inspection of the problem areas backed up by moisture detection meters. In some cases mortar sampling will be carried out where necessary, to determine accurately the moisture levels and hygroscopic salt levels in the masonry brick.